Issue 7

Table of Contents: Issue 7

Letter from the Editor

Cinderella Reflects on her Gateway
December Lace

Fanni Sütő

Nancy Brewka-Clark
*Accompanied by Garden Orchid by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

Snow White
Christina Ciufo

December Lace

The Mirror Lies
Lucy Zhang

Snow White Sees the Mirror
Elizabeth Burk

Snow White
Katie Pagano

Low Hanging Fruit
Aviva Treger

Judith Kingston

an insincere prince
Linda M. Crate

Telling Stories
James Diaz

One Hundred Years of Dreaming
Chris Collins

Loneliness and the Seduction of Fairy Tales
Robin Michel

If Someday
Sarah Marquez

March of the Dryads
J.B. Stone

The Nymph and the Maiden
Laura Kincaid

A Dragon’s Tale
Bruce Louis Dodson

A Pig’s Pig
Jeffrey Zable

The Wolf
Chloe Gorman

Amidst the Junktique Dealer’s Goods & Moveables
Paula Bonnell

Time After Time
Kenneth L. A. Lineberger

Lost Girl
December Lace
*Accompanied by Unicorn Horn by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

The Little Mermaid Contemplates the Knife
Allison Armstrong

A Fairy Hearing
André N. Lepine
*Accompanied by Flying by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

Ray Ball

The Well
Ray Ball

The Tree Between Us
Grace Safford

The Ladies of Lancashire
Clay F. Johnson

The Spectral Lady; or, Queen of the Stars
Clay F. Johnson

This Shattered Sky
Evan James Sheldon

Kingdom of Shards
Madison McSweeney
*Accompanied by Goldie by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

Phyllis Meshulam

The Wedding March
Elizabeth Chatsworth

Future Myth
Kelly Canaday
*Accompanied by Baby Punk by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

The Texas Fairy Tale
Parul Yadav
*Accompanied by Company by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

The Birdkeeper
D. Brody Lipton
*Accompanied by D by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt*

On the Glass Mountain
Neil Willcox

Army of Silhouettes
Foy Timms

In Spirit
Nick Perilli

Before the Fall
Scott Elder

The Red Dress
Lucy Whitehead


Cover Art: Rosewood by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt

Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt has been writing short stories, essays and poetry for the last twelve years.  She is also a mixed media artist. Written pieces have been published in Chicago Literati, City Lake Poets, Literary Hatchet, Moon Magazine and Rebelle Society to name a few. Art pieces have been published in Rat’s Ass Review, Three Drops From A Cauldron, The Horror Zine, Young Ravens Review and Still Point Gallery. 

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