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The Texas Fairy Tale by Parul Yadav

Stories breathe fire, sets your heart aflame. Fairy tales oh pity your poor heart would you ever wanted to stay?

Your mother taught you, never throw yourselves to wolves. Why did you lean yourself in the size of pole?

Imagine how much the universe focused on the gold spoons, jaws and capes, perfect partying dresses that painted you into muses.

You vanish into feathered beds, and dream of fresh walls with your convertible blush.

Ever wondered of collapsing neck, which swifts by your overdone heart.

Feel free to leave and fly, the arbor is safe my child.

The world will watch with limped eyes, carrying the blade of grass to shape your wings by their hands.

Your texas dreams, peeps into your lost daisy whole kingdom.

Now go to bed you survived the time, night after night, you float away living your Texas life.

Company by Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt


Parul Yadav is a 19 year old jovial, enthusiastic lady pursuing English Literature from Gargi College Delhi University. She has a passion for creative writing, poetry, engaging in activism and at the same time bringing a change by awakening the youth in the current times. She is the country director for various non profit student run organizations in India and surely has ambitious aura attached to her way of thinking.  In her free time you will find her catching her on lost sleep or binging on her favourite food. She is an open book to all and loves to expand her network by getting to know inspiring new people daily! 

Her poems had been published in various magazines such as Royal Rose Magazine, Nymph Publications, Titsandco, Lunate and Co, LaurelsandBells etc. 

You can catch up on her latest work at :
Instagram -@parulyadav_18
Twitter – @ParulYa61901347

Wendy Lou Lou Schmidt has been writing short stories, essays and poetry for the last twelve years.  She is also a mixed media artist. Written pieces have been published in Chicago Literati, City Lake Poets, Literary Hatchet, Moon Magazine and Rebelle Society to name a few. Art pieces have been published in Rat’s Ass Review, Three Drops From A Cauldron, The Horror Zine, Young Ravens Review and Still Point Gallery. 

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