FLUTTER: southern gothic fever dream by Kristin Garth


Released January 17, 2019!


Art by Mathew Yates

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“Kristin Garth’s Flutter is as much a Southern Gothic thriller as it is a poetry collection. “with scarlet fever, swans grow fangsā€¦ They will tell you it was a fever dream” Are the feverish visions of young, infirm Sylvia Dandridge merely delusions born of her father’s nightly fairytales? Or is her parents’ isolated estate in 1883 Pensacola as haunted as their daughter’s delirious head? Featuring richly detailed, intriguing character profiles and footnotes flush with expository prose, Flutter‘s impressive concept and structure are reminiscent of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves. Garth deftly weaves postbellum aristocracy with mythic, surreal elements. Imagine the eerie, antiquated mansion of The Secret GardenĀ populated with changelings, zombies, efflorescent fauna, and flying mermaids. Garth’s vivid, delightfully twisted imagination and storytelling prowess are only surpassed by her poetic talent. She wields meter, alliteration, internal rhyme, and other literary devices as fiercely and expertly as she does phantasmagoric imagery. Flutter is an extraordinary hybrid work that lingers like a specter in the subconscious long after you finish reading it.”

-V.C. McCabe
Author of Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot

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