Submissions are closed!

If you’re thinking about submitting, please carefully read the guidelines below. Those who do not adhere to them will not have their work read. Please understand that our time isn’t any less valuable than yours. If you can’t take a few minutes to read the guidelines, why should we take anything longer than that on your submission? You took the time to create something wonderful, and we want to give every single one of you the opportunity to have your work seen by making the process as efficient as possible.


Play on the idea of time. Interpret it how you want. Think outside the box. Create your own mythology. Imitate a lost art form or style. Look into the future, past, present. There is no wrong answer.

Please send no more than five (5) poems. There is no line minimum or maximum.

Fiction/Creative Non-fiction
Please send up to two (2) pieces, but no more than 5,000 words total. No minimum word count.

Please send up to eight (8) pieces of art of any medium. Get creative! We dare you.

We are interested in serializing longer pieces. If your work is longer than 5,000 words and this is something you might consider, let us know in your cover letter.

Submit your work to The subject line should read: “Submission – [Medium].” By “medium” we mean, flash, non-fic, poetry, hybrid, art, etc. Attach your work as a .doc or .docx file. No PDFs please.

Include a short cover letter, which should mention if this is a simultaneous submission, what genre your work falls under, such as: historical, mythos, spec fic, sci-fi, fantasy, etc., and a bio (no more than 75 words).

I repeat: we do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere!

Reprints, you ask? Sure, we’ll take them! Just make sure you let us know where it was published previously so we can give proper attribution should we accept it!

Make sure you are submitting your work how you want it to be published. If the title reads, “king Arthur Loses excalibur” instead of “King Arthur Loses Excalibur,” we will publish the former. The same rule applies to author names, bios, actual content, artist captions/statements, etc. So please proofread everything before sending it our way.

Response Time

We will endeavor to respond within a month; however, this will depend entirely on the volume of submissions. If you haven’t heard back after 60 days, you may email to request the status of your submission. Let us know the date you submitted and the title of your work(s).

Writers’ Rights

We ask for one-time rights to publish your work digitally and archival rights so your piece may remain on our website. Once it’s appeared in our publication, the rights revert back to you and you are free to seek republication elsewhere. We would really appreciate first-publication credit, if your work falls into that category, though it isn’t necessary. We also ask for one time-printing rights should we print anthologies to celebrate your work. By submitting to us, you agree to these terms.


Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our contributors. We are a small publication with little to no revenue. In the meantime, we promise to promote all of our authors to the best of our ability on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


When you submit work to us, you are claiming that work as yours. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Ever. If your work is discovered to be plagiarized, it will be removed from the website and digital issues immediately. We will alert other editors and magazines where your work has been published and make a public statement regarding your behavior. By submitting to us, you agree to these terms. We believe in an all-inclusive writing community where voices from different walks of life can be heard and appreciated. And sometimes that means protecting writings from other writers. We will do what we have to do to protect others and retain the integrity and brand we are trying to build.