Pick up a potion, drink up, and follow us down the rabbit hole. We’re all about time. Play on the idea, give it a twist. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We want your history. Time travel. Mythology, legends, and folklore. Steampunk. Alternate universe. Speculative. Future. Slow things down or speed them up. We want anything and everything you believe fits what we’re looking for.

Take us on a journey to somewhen!

Meet the Editors!

Founder and Editor-in-chief: Renee Firer’s passion for writing flared to life when her 5th grade teacher taught her the power of the written word. Since then, she has filled her days with stories, while somehow finding the time to receive her MFA in Fiction. She is a DC comic loving, MarioBros. obsessed, self-proclaimed comedian suffering from a very bad—or would it be considered good?—case of wanderlust. When she’s not working on her novel, she’s spoiling her puppies, losing her pens, and planning her next worldly adventure. Follow her on Twitter @ReneeFirer or check out her writing on reneefirer.com.


Associate Editor and Resident Historian: Adrienne Firer has a MA in Education and History. She grew up with the magic of Harry Potter, which sparked her love of reading and writing. In her spare time, when she’s not busy finding Renee’s pens, she’s longing for faraway lands (both past and present), screenwriting, managing and producing the Dear World, Love History podcast, and thinking of ways to have more spare time.