Issue 10,  Poetry

I don’t want your future, mother by b.i.w

dear future me 

i felt bad that morning 

looking at your imperfect posture when you sat

sad deep-like-a-well black eyes 

I truly felt bad 

although A lot may say I didn’t because I left at the end 

but they all (or maybe none)  have to know

that that was me I was looking at 

sad, sick, unsatisfied with life 

future me 

when will you learn 

when will you learn that this is you 

and that is me 

I look at you and wonder about your life 

and possibilities

you could have been 

you could have been so much more mother 

but he took you as a slave 

that wicked man, he either charmed you 

or spelled you 

I expect nothing less

through my eyes and her eyes as well 

a dilemma of choices

you took this road so why shall I 

if one took this road then this road is full 

and quenched from thirst 

I will choose the other road 

choose to go 

don’t look back mother

because you will be sad 

your eyes will be filled with tears 

that will desert this path from it’s flowers 

because mother tears don’t do non but desert 

don’t look back because if you did 

you will see your past self

you will see me 


doing the undone 

doing the scandalous 

doing the boisterous 

of leaving you 

leaving you to become you 

leaving you to avoid this you 




b.i.w is the pin-name of an upcoming anonymous online poet/writer , she started her writing journey on instagram by the username @beauty_in_words._ and build up her following from there, her content vary from both short and long poems in both modern and traditional style illustrated by other artists on the platform, she also posts; quotes, bookish pictures, and reviews related to other media such as movies on her stories 

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