Issue 10,  Poetry

Janus by Abigail Pearson

to be bright       and carry on
i wanted in       but also wanted out
you all looked like dancing mummies from here and
the bedroom is always safe for me

friendship          or i hate her
fucking               but also i’m hungry
mind over make, i can’t decide for myself 
and slowly i’m driving you to insanity 

singer                               or killer
holding   hands              or break up forever
the kitten couldn’t stand up right
and neither could i
you said that was a good thing
i said nothing 
you couldn’t hurt me if you tried

but i lied
my heart was tied to yours more than you realized
you felt stifled, crampedand i felt forever lost in the abyss of my mind


Abigail Pearson (She/They) is a 25-year-old queer writer of novels and poetry. Most recently they have published a poetry collection titled Maybe (Not) Her, which explores themes of bisexuality and polyamory. Other works by Abigail have been published in Pussy Magazine and Moonchild Magazine.  You can find them on twitter @whimsywriter3


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