Issue 5

Table of Contents: Issue 5

Letter from the Editor

time stays.
we go.

Helena Pantsis

Helena Pantsis

Negative Entropy
Robert Perron

Refugee Children
Mori Glaser

Kabuki Lessons
David Lohrey

How to Bind a Lover, or the Lingering Aubade of Lear Aldrich
Kayla King

Ripe with Promise
Karen Pierce Gonzalez

A Nighttime Meditation

The Shadows at Night
Joshua Ian

The Myth of Ophephone and Atlantis
Amanda N. Butler

Amanda N. Butler

Miss. Princott’s Time Travel Agency
Barbara Russell

Ode to the Shieldmaiden
Caroline Hardaker

My Daughters Question the Story of The Fisher King
Devon Miller-Duggan

At the Stroke of Twelve
Faye Brinsmead

Margaret Banford

time machine
A.H. Lewis

Leslie Burton-Lopez

Goddess of Time
Robin Louise Smith
*Accompanied by Eternity by Robin Louise Smith*

Waning Time
Suzanne Cottrell

Who Is Left
K. Noel Moore

Morning Routine
Lydia Unsworth

Body clock
Pepita Beck

Time After Time
P.C. Keeler

Photography in Geneva
Suzanne S. Rancourt

T.J. McGowan

Midnight at the Crossroads Diner
Myna Chang

Jolly Alexander

Lovely Waiting Stars
Paula Earnest

Doing Time
The First Installment
Craig Rodgers

Los Angeles, 1952
The First Installment
Wayne Turmel

with Michael Chin


Issue No. 5 Cover Artist: Jim Zola

Jim Zola is a poet and photographer living in North Carolina.

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