Issue 5,  Poetry

Lovely Waiting Stars by Paula Earnest

As the day greets the night 
bowing one to the other
there is a moment 
when day is not day
and night is not night
but a pause between—
two hands folded together
holding one silent prayer.

It is then—
when pink-blue clouds seep
into the porous pale sky
deepening plum, magenta and sapphire.

Before the darkness rises slowly.
Before the falling lightness fades.
And the quiet soon surrounds
the arriving moon not far.
You’ll hear her whisper calling
all the lovely waiting stars.


Paula Earnest is a former English and Drama teacher who loved inspiring students in writing, public speaking, and acting. She directed for “Actors For Actors Theater Company” in San Diego, coached debate, and freelanced as a speech writer. Paula enjoys morning hikes, writing poetry, a glass of wine, and music.

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