Issue 5,  Poetry

Photography in Geneva by Suzanne S. Rancourt

At the art museum
I should write about brush strokes 
trees, expressions, tones, color,
the frame, yes,
explore the surface – its gilded swirls curtail
the sprawls of evening shadows, the pastels
of sunsets and greyscale apparitions
paranormal remnants

ouzo distillations of wormwood nostalgia
erect and reaching from a cube
a right angled Harlequin Jacquard love

I love the zip buzz the lens makes when it digitally extends itself widening, focusing, narrowing – 
no flash – no touch -can replace the moment 
a brush stroke congeals

It is the sound of a stealing opportunity that captures and flattens the intentional depth of oils, acrylics. No wind blows 
across these waves of ridge and troughs of paint
No snow avalanches down these crevices 
of fleeing possibilities
Stopped moments
like your breath stuck to my nipple that moment
we met for the first time 
was our last tone of existence
a madness accrued with each brush tip touched 
to tongue
Baited intrigue
wetted love.


Suzanne S. Rancourt is Abenaki/Huron descent, author of award-winning Billboard in the Clouds. murmurs at the gate, Unsolicited Press, is forthcoming May 2019. Her work appears in Tiny Flames Press, Quiddity, River Heron ReviewThe Gyroscope Review, theSame, Young Ravens Literary Review # 8, Tupelo Press Native Voices Anthology, Bright Hill Press 25th Anniversary Anthology, Dawnland Voices 2.0 #4Northern New England ReviewSnapdragon Journal, mgversion2>daturaSirsee, SlipstreamCollections of Poetry and Prose, Muddy River Poetry ReviewGinosko, Journal of Military Experience, Cimarron ReviewCallaloo. She is a Veteran. 

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