Issue 4

Table of Contents: Issue 4

Letter from the Editor

The Last Kiss
Juliette Sebock

Juliette Sebock

The Directory
Rebecca Coyte

Kwami Nyamidie

The Boy in the Tree
Craig Rodgers

Message From a Distant Planet
John Grey

Han’s Solo
Mark Blickley
*Accompanied by photography by Keith Goldstein*

RC deWinter

Though I Work in the Shadows
Hunter Blackwell

Time Whitewashed in Snow
Yuan Changming

David Hartley

There’s a Light
Mark Martyre

Roaming Yellowstone
Suzanne Cottrell

He, Unknown
Ana M. Fores Tamayo
*Accompanied by photography by Ana M. Fores Tamayo*

Night Wait
Fanni Sütő

James G. Piatt
*Accompanied by I Whispered by Marilyn Whitehorse*

Quantum Love Letters
Meagan Noel Hart

The Ballerina in the Attic
Amanda N. Butler

Unchoreographed Ballet
DC deWinter

The Boat Train
Philip Berry

When We Were Neanderthals
Raymond Luczak

Above the Ginkgo Trees
Tomas Marcantonio

Mr Spaceman
John Grey

Big Bang and You!
Dr. Shawn Adair Johnston

Gale Acuff
*Accompanied by Everyday is a and the World… by Marilyn Whitehorse*

Into Dust
Craig Rodgers

Memory, Time: A Poem in Movable Parts
Mark Fitzpatrick

The Time Train
Thai Lynne

In February
Rodd Whelpley

Joan McNerney

Jake’s Place
Karen Pierce Gonzalez

People Are Filled With Patterns
Niall Power

Beyond Time
Yuan Changming

Point Blank
The Third Installment
Paige Bagby

Creative Study
Ronald J. Pelias


Issue No. 4 Cover Artist: Cari Francis-Jones

Taking inspiration from surrealism, Cari creates work which blend elements of fantasy with horror. A life long love of all things horror has influenced Cari’s practice, drawing from TV, film and games, to create pieces with a predominately figurative focus. 

Cari graduated with a degree in art and English literature in 2016 and currently works freelance, building up an online presence and portfolio at

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