Flash Fiction,  Issue 3

Tick Tock Time By Karren Larsen

Climbing the stairs within a minute, Jacinta wonders if it really was a minute, exactly what is a minute, sixty seconds of space. What is a second, the clicking of a finger or some unforeseen force, seconds turn into minutes which turn into hours as they become days, the continuum goes eternally on. Yet once time is gone is it really gone, does it linger in some sublime interpretation of the past. 

Where does it go?

Pondering towards the uniqueness of time, we are caught between reality and the disciplined makings of society. Time rules all, yet as Jacinta knows time is ethereal, never being where it should be, never being anywhere at all, yet ruling with an indomitable power. 

Time tantalises, teases, and enslaves, while governing eternity. What is eternity if we cannot know what time is. Jacinta knows no barriers, she has never been shackled, yet should she appear there is no way to know what humanity will make of her. Flowing within all, touching everything, Jacinta is the driving force that makes time. We live through seasons, birth, and death. All are ruled by an unseen equilibrium of unforeseen forces that is known as time. 

Is time the collective ruler, does it tick tock. How does time become a measured thing within the universe when we cannot see it as a tangible force. Jacinta knows time is not for measuring, nor is it a measurement. Her spirit has freedom, she travels between reality and dimensions that hold her as neither here nor there. 

Time slips into all human existence, never announcing its intention to age everything, yet it makes and takes life. Do we call it time or actuality. Can you feel it or touch it, Jacinta knows there is no way to quantitate time, it’s a cycle, a new beginning, or a long goodbye. 

Is she lost, can she know the continuum? Jacinta is a breath of air, a spirit of perplexity, she gazes towards the sky. Ripples of light dance across the deep dark canvas, forming pin pricks of sparkling white against an endless backdrop.  Freedom is hers if she can break the modern shackles of her existence and drift towards the nothingness that calls to embrace her. Is she a timeframe or living within an idea that tries and succeeds in making the unreal real. 

Time is hated, loved, and regimented, yet is time real? The idea of time has been handed down in humanity through many millennia.  Has Jacinta made a place for used time, is it recycled and made available, or do the forgotten and unforgotten frames live in a place that is hidden from people, or does time live in memories only. Is time an infinite tangle of unforeseen events that continue to play out in some undefinable place that only Jacinta can enter. 

To desert time is to waste something, what are you wasting? Can you discard something that cannot be seen, we want to turn back the clock, to live in a time when we were happy, yet how can we turn back something that is intangible.  Humanity is ruled by a clock, a man-made invention that emulates continuation on some plain of existence. Why do seasons and circumstances change, why do things and people die… this can’t be perpetuation, can it be time?

There is a huge conundrum within the meaning and understanding of time. Jacinta smiles at the very thought of time and how people use and abuse it, time is Jacinta and Jacinta is time. 


Karren Larsen‘s area of expertise lies in the business academic arena. Karren has been employed as a business lecturer and has written unit documents, assessments, and exams for Southern Cross University. Karren is now self-employed as a business consultant and manages web content for clients.

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