Issue 3,  Poetry

Mythology by Christina Strigas

I’m half-poet, half-moon.
The mythology of women.
I’m half-poet, half-sun.
The mythology of men.

I wanted to be a poet
since I first read Shakespeare.

I wrote poems for dead poets
knees deep in other’s words
it’s not so much a dead poet’s society
but more of a cult following
for the living.

I found another muse—
myself. Followed and unfollowed
known and unknown writers;
C’mon poetry, I need you
It’s Friday night: be my date night. 

Have you imagined your own funeral yet?
The old photos, the melancholic music of Florence
the red carnations 
the self-published poetry books;
we are so morbid
writing our own eulogies
sharing our poems to strangers
hiding from loved ones.

The darker the poetry, the better
dig a grave of dead poet’s flowers
watch us poets disintegrate into words. 


Christina Strigas is a trilingual poet, raised by Greek immigrants, and has written three poetry books. Her latest, Love & Vodka, has been featured by CBC Books in, “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by you.”

She is currently working on her fourth upcoming poetry book, Love & Metaxa.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys foreign cinema, reading the classics, and cooking traditional Greek recipes that have been handed down from her grandmother. 

Twitter: @christinastriga
Instagram : @c.strigas_sexyasspoet
Facebook: Christina Strigas Author

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