Issue 6,  Poetry

The Glass Bottle Sang “I Ain’t Got Time Anymore” in 1971 by Kenneth Pobo

At 64, time became a race car.
I had thought of it as a bike.
I’d go riding around town,
gliding from garage sale
to garage sale.  In 1971 time
often felt like a boulder:
when would graduation come?
when my birthday?
when would I get my first job?
Whens made high school 
feel like water I was trying 
to plod through.  

With my white beard and AARP
membership, I’m out of the water.
I buckle myself into the race car—
when I touch the pedal, it takes off,
I can’t slow it down, sure
can’t stop it.  I may crash.  
I will crash.  Everyone must crash.


Kenneth Pobo has a new book out, prose poetry, called The Antlantis Hit Parade (Clare Songbirds Publishing House).  Forthcoming is Dindi Expecting Snow (Duck Lake Books).

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