Issue 3

Table of Contents: Issue 3

Letter from the Editor

coffeehouse window seat.
Taryn Dixon

Monster at the Cliff Edge
Alicia Fitton

Mark Gilbert

Tale Everlasting
Fanni Sütő

The Editor Has Come UnMoored In Time
Neil Willcox
*Accompanied by My Desk by Marilyn Whitehorse*

A Moment Lasts Forever
Christina Tang-Bernas

I Break the Witch’s Hourglass
December Lace

Time of Sand
Amélie Olaiz
(translated by Toshiya Kamei)

The Time Traveller
Lucy Whitehead

Srivalli Rekha

Christina Strigas

If you could see my memories
Juliette Sebock

Tick Tock Time
Karren Larsen

Land Army Camouflage
Juliette van der Molen

A Land Girl Liaison
Juliette van der Molen

Tomorrow, A Physicist Sat On Your Sofa
Jonathan Payne

The Lady in the Mirror
Scott Elder

Where jam jars lie
Adele Winston

A Futurian Romance
Matthew Spence

On London Bridge on Hallowe’en
J.E.A. Wallace

Lucy Whitehead

Gary Power

21: Eris Bears A Daughter, Names Her Uncertainty
Madeleine Corley

Mr. Edward’s Dog
Michael Neal Morris

morning routine.
Taryn Dixon

Memento Mori
Molly Brainard

Agampreet Kalra

Dark Coat and Smoke Rings
Rachele Salvini

Her Left Eye
R. Gerry Fabian

The Accountant
Christie B. Cochrell

Grove Koger

Point Blank
The Second Installment
Paige Bagby

Creative Study
Fabrice Poussin

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