Issue 2

Table of Contents: Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

[let’s take a picture]
Taryn Dixon

We must obey the tempo
Faye Brinsmead

Nothing Lasts
David Estringel

Unturn this Stone
Aviva Treger

Tonight’s plan
Jacob Fowler

Thank You, Grandpa
Tom Gumbert

Immigrant’s Son
Shawn Anto

An Elegant Solution
Trisha Lea

The Timekeeper
Sarah Etlinger

Between Me and Neverland
Stephanie J. Andersen

e. smith sleigh

Instructions for Attending Sunday’s Anti-Time Travel March
Liam Hogan

Tyler Wettig

Women of Flesh
Sophie Gregory
*Accompanied by “Women of Flesh” by Cari Francis-Jones

Hard stubborn things
Lee Potts

Trap Holds
Nick Perilli

Mark Gilbert

Erin Kowalski and the Nexus of Time
Brandon Chinn

happy b-day.
Taryn Dixon

Rusty Mill-Stones of History
Lazarus Trubman

Aditya Shankar

Old World
C.L. Spillard

In Bed at Night
Rickey Rivers Jr.

Dien Bien Phu, 1954
Wayne Turmel

Thread and its Origin
Shawn Anto

Lunar Beekeeper
Qurat Dar

Out of Sync
Michael Chin

Sarah Etlinger

Point Blank
The First Installment
Paige Bagby

Creative Study
Elisabeth Horan

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