Issue 1

Table of Contents: Issue 1

Letter from the Editor

Maddie M. White

Monica Kagan

The Space Between Moments
Alexis Hunter

The Star Glass
Lucy Whitehead

The Three And A Half Lives Of Euphemia Stauton’s Dress
Amanda McLeod

Matters of Time
Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

Robert Grant

Cleaning House
Salvatore Difalco

Robert Grant

Darcy Lin Wood

A Lounge Full of Dead Queens
Haley Jenkins

Vagabond Seed
Craig Rodgers

Rosabelle, believe
Kate Garrett

Anita Goveas

Double History
Amy Charlotte Kean

On the Proper Use of Mosquitoes
Roppotucha Greenberg

Two Paths to the Cemetery on the Hill 
Amy Alexander

Shapes in the Mist
Merril D. Smith

The Eye
Kristin Garth

No Time for Obsession
Andy McClung

The Ancient House
Ashley Bullen-Cutting

Father Time
Christine A. Brooks

Souls to sell, bots for hire
Russell Hemmell

Falling Through Time
Kim Michelle Ross

Paradise Park
Amy Charlotte Kean

Loki in Utero
Blake Johnson

You and I Both Saw Six Years Old
Amy Alexander

‘Flower For Your Sweetheart’
Chloe Smith

His Face When It Will Flicker
Kristin Garth

K.B. Carle

Better Days
William Gilmer

Hercules Takes a Walk
Merril D. Smith

Creative Study
Elisabeth Horan

with Author Karen Chance

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