Issue 7,  Poetry

Snow White by Christina Ciufo

Brightened black eyes, 
glimmering like black crystals 
twinkling in the water’s ripples
within the stone well in 
the Queen’s garden. 

Each ripple reflects
her faire beauty
and naïve nature. 

Raven silken hair, combed 
with a silver encrusted brush, 
still on her burrow, underneath 
an oval mirror covered in fog.

Her pale complexion, 
like pure snow,
covering the oak trees and forest 
in its’ frosty beauty, 
untouched by malice and cruelty. 

Ruby succulent lips, 
percolating her yearning for
her Prince’s lips, 
like Eve tasting God’s forbidden fruit. 

Her dove heart flutters its’ 
crimson wings of her Prince 
and her riding on his white stallion, 
away from the Wicked Queen 
and into their happily ever after. 

A gentle, love song 
pumps cerise blood against 
the silver blade of the hunter’s knife,
satisfying the Queen’s covetous deprivation
of her stolen youth and beauty
by Snow White. 


Christina Ciufo is a passionate writer of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and fables; she is completing her first novel. From a young age, she always had a passion for writing stories and poems, specifically fairytales, folklore, supernatural, and horror. She enjoys writing about these genres in various forms because she believes that telling stories about supernatural forces evokes a haunting and terrifying imagination that brings joy and fright. After graduating Sacred Heart University with a BA in English, she continued to expand her writing abilities at Manhattanville College’s MFA Creative Writing Program and by May 2017, graduated with an MFA degree in Creative Writing. She has recently completed Sacred Heart University’s Education Program in December 2018 with a MAT in Teaching in both elementary and secondary and is currently a Sunday School Teacher at St. Timothy’s. She has appeared in Gravitas, Spillwords, Ovunque Siamo, Nymphs, Vamp Cat Magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow, Truly Review, Z Publishing House Ohio and Mookychick Magazine. 

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