Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

It’s a little funny, I think. I had this idea for a magazine that would bridge the gap between genres. A magazine that would showcase authors of marginalized content. I thought, “This is a smashing idea.” Had I a magnificent mustache, I would have twirled it while holding a cigar in one hand and a dram of whisky in the other. Perhaps a cackle worthy of the Sanderson sisters would have crossed my lips.

But. Doubt is a curious thing. While planning and plotting and pillaging — the kitchen pantry, that is — a small voice in the back of my mind had me wondering if there would be any interest in a magazine like TwistiT. Oh boy, was there ever.

Over the course of the last few months, I have had the distinct pleasure of reading work by writers of various backgrounds from all over the world — writers who have taken the simple idea of “time” and twisted it, molded it, changed it into something new and wonderful and different.

Inside Issue 2, we have a bit of everything. History. Flashbacks. Loss of time. Longing. And so much more.

Settle in, dear reader, and prepare to be taken on a journey to somewhen.


Renee Firer

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