Issue 4,  Photography,  Poetry

He, Unknown by Ana M. Fores Tamayo

Though he dwelled in loneliness
He was anchored in eternity. 
A stranger among men 
he bore the Nether regions of the sun. 
He was deep in waking dreams,
overwhelmed by inner voices. 
And so he died. 

Marcellous Lovelace with BLK75, I am a Man,Memphis 2014
Homage to the Civil Rights Movement


Ana M. Fores Tamayo advocates for marginalized refugee families from Mexico and Central America. Working with asylum seekers is heart wrenching, yet satisfying. Ana’s labor has eased her own sense of displacement, being a child refugee, always trying to find home. In parallel, poetry is the hidden side she doesn’t often share, though lately, this has changed. She has published in Acentos Review, The Raving Press, Rigorous, Chachalaca Review, Fron//tera and others. Moreover, Ana has photography published in various venues. Finally, her poetry in translation will be featured with several publishers this coming year.

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