Issue 6,  Poetry

Bioluminescence by Rabiu Temidayo

Consider the fact that the sky sinks something 
in us sky watchers every night 

in Agbowo,  
stand near the door and draw slow breaths 
from the unspeakable silence.  

hear the rustle and barking of watchdogs, 
and the sirens in the  wind. 
Then I try to remember how to remember 
and forget  
even why I try. 

Some nights in Lagos a lonesome star is all 
that remains in the pothole after the rain. 

Wander there for a drink and come to face 
to face with a question 
even far deeper than thirst. 

Whereas Ido slept my youth by sward 
and by cricket score, 
I carried the silence of a flickering firefly and 
went cold to those knolls.

Take all those years of suffering to airport road 
where neons erase the sky, 
where empty beer cans echo like detached ears 
on the ground. 

Stars streak the sky outside the window the wind 
brushing the cornrows aside/ 
Time paves a distance in us when we draw apart 
from someone we love 

Afterall it is time that determines 
what remains and what stays intact. 

Scrambled the Barth Road moon 
by boot splashing the pools as I ran home 
from your sorority, 

Another first of mine in quavering lips 
of another human being. 

Shuddering stars streaked the sky in the mug
in hand as I rose my demons 
to dance, 
My hands were once to you all my confessions 
and my body my proof—

Whereas the water in your eyes burned brighter 
than a burning stick on a lonesome night. 


Rabiu Temidayo writes from Lagos. Visar has either appeared or soon appearing on isacoustic press, Merak Magazine,  Riggwelter, Picaroon Poetry, Nightingale & Sparrow, kalahari review, African Writer,  on the Gerald Kraak Anthology, Amethyst Review etc. Twitter: rabiutemidayo. 


  • Bruce Louis Dodson

    I had a poem – A Dragon’s Tale, I think was supposed to go on line 1 January. I am trying to find it. Has it been published yet?


    • Twist in Time

      Hi Bruce! Your piece is on the website! Sorry about that. I accidentally linked your piece in the table of contents to the preview link instead of the actual one!

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