Issue 3,  Poetry

Where jam jars lie by Adele Winston

Sometimes I lie awake at night 
thinking about that mountain.
Where foxgloves sway and I could spend
all day picking wimberries with the others. 
As butterflies pass like floating charms 
and crickets bounce from nowhere 
into anywhere. 

Lets leave our jam jars awhile, 
run like rats through the heather 
to the stile by the secret stream
full of newts. Feel them pulse 
through our fingers then slide them 
back to glittering waters when someone 
finds a hole in the fence. 

Feed each other through pulled wire
to lonely paths where sunlight 
rides on kestrel’s wings 
and I could see anything!
Don’t go home.
I’ll take you to the tree swing instead
and push you to the moon…


Welsh author Adele Winston has been shortlisted at The Wells Festival of Literature and longlisted at The Evesham Festival of Words and Crowvus Christmas ghost story competition.

She writes short stories, poetry and children’s fiction and studies English Literature with The Open University.

Her poem, ‘Better days are coming’ can be read in Barren Magazine Issue No.4, ‘The Gathering Field.’

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