Issue 8,  Poetry

The Light That Shone Here by Ciéra Cree

This place of shadow is discontent
         a mouth spitting out 
    lips of black
an alleyway unsheltered.
Wasn’t there a streetlight here?

What breath does out of sun
                   goes unrecorded.
Perhaps that’s for the better.
Run along, sweet child,
   with a face like yours
   a fate won’t last long untampered

This sphere is a rather heavy dark,
        obscure to see you appear.

Perhaps you can answer my wonder
        Wasn’t there a streetlight here?


Ciéra Cree is a 19 year old English / Irish Media BA (Hons) student with a passion for poetry. She has been awarded a winning place in the Young Norfolk Writing Competition (2018/19), the title of Young Norfolk Laureate (2018/19), a shortlisting by Streetcake’s Experimental Comp (London – 2019) & a highly commended spot by The Royal Society of Literature (‘Poems for Peace’ – 2019). Her work also features in the 2019 Poetry d’amour Anthology.

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