Issue 6,  Poetry

Space Cake Oddity by Satya Dash

It is not a moment of madness
when I take the plunge
Neither is it a fragment of time 
carefully wrought in patience and resolve
It is more a breath caught on a slip of the wind
in the new year eve’s restorative air
that emerges in the brilliance of a sigh
So I take a few bites and the sighs turn to heaves
wave after wave of sweet terror 
zenith after zenith 
of a giant wheel in epicurean sway
relentless cradling taking away my years
The moles and warts of my face turn into moons and comets
my face a galaxy of all things that want to stay and swirl
My diaphanous skin longs for a witness 
I feel like an experiment in pain
And joy – a raw breasted carcass
lying just around the corner
enticing the jackal within
in a bone stirring oscillation from
anticipation to exhilaration
When I return from the excursion
it is a new year all right
The body scents and notions
still a familiar sweaty and all, yeah, cool
My friends ask me why I did it
The question winds me up
Tell me – when you’re eating 
do you ever think about
why you were hungry? 


Satya Dash‘s recent poems have been published or are forthcoming in Passages North, The Magnolia Review, Prelude, Porridge, The Florida Review. He has been a cricket commentator, dabbled with short fiction and has a degree in electronics from BITS Goa. He lives in Bangalore, India and recites his poetry in the city’s cafes. 

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