Issue 1,  Poetry

Paradise Park by Amy Charlotte Kean

Bumper to bumper, ten fat rows 
of tin caravans’ all-you-can-eat asses 
brandish neon unwelcome signs: NO MEN ALLOWED. 

                    Lilac dahlias flourish from beneath each wheel 
                    Paths painted with faint lines like yellow brick connect the doors
                    and bold, out-of-tune hums to Mariah Carey windsurf the clean air daily.

                                        Nightly the buff girls stand guard with crossbows 
                                        secretly praying for male attention or adrenaline, but
                                        a guy trespassed one time and lost his cerebellum in seconds.

                                        It seemed the only solution back then, a scientific experiment
                                        to see, can it be done? Can we exist without them? 
                                        A safe, non-toxic paradise with no dicks. 

                    They touch each other if needed, watch romantic porn with storylines,
                    exercise for their mental health and sport unflattering cuts.
                    Some of them, not all, stopped shaving their legs. 

It was one of those things. Where theory and reality clash in august fashion.
Bloody murders like a closing scene from Carrie, to emergency stop
ten dickless years, bumper to bumper. 


Amy Charlotte Kean is an advertising strategist, lecturer and writer from Essex. Her stories, rants, reviews and poems can be found on many sites including The Guardian, Disclaimer, Shots, Litro, Ink Sweat & Tears, Barren and the Drum. Her first book, The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks, was released in November 2018.

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