Issue 8,  Poetry

My Hips: Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Circa 1978 by Carol Parris Krauss

Fireball. Gorgar. Wizard.
The pull. pinball release. Careening bullet, 
zipper flippers, Bumpers, and roll-over targets. 
A supple wrist and keen eyes. English bank 
shots. The Who.

At 60, this is my hip pain.  Also, my favorite 
peach halter, embroidered elephant leg bell 
bottoms, and hips slender, young leaning 
against Flash. Pain free. 

Now. A silver ball bouncing nerves. Fractured
bone bumping bone. Same lights and neon colors.  
Screaming drums, guitars, muffled voices, a pulsing
heartbeat. Gorgar grunting with each labored step– 
Me Got You.


Carol Parris Krauss is a mother, teacher, and poet from the Tidewater region of Virginia. She was honored to be recognized by the University of Virginia Press as a Best New Poet 2018. Her work can be found at online and print venues such as New Verse News, Amsterdam Quarterly, Escape into Life, and Plainsongs. More of her work can be found at

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