Issue 6,  Poetry

Gisele Bundchen by Valium Hippy

mechanic robot walking down the streets
sad eyes, broken hearted
everyone sees the beauty in it but me
they think to themselves
“what a glamorous way to go navigate life!”

i know
i’m a mannequin of suffering
and with cigarettes on my nicotine-stained fingers
and bruises on my thighs
it looks so romantic, as if i’m living in a movie

i’m the ultimate model of despair
but i’m still a model, right?
so photograph me while dying inside
have me pose to be your muse
i’m a beautiful example of misery

i’m going to be famous for deep sorrow
which hides behind compeling charisma
and societal norms that tell me

i’m exactly like a supermodel
scars made of silk, tears made of satin
tragedy covered in wool, addiction covered in fur

superstar of self destruction
desolation, melancholy, low spirit
but they make it fashion!


Valium Hippy (birth name Rogério Berardo Filho) is a writer and poet born and living in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. He is currently 20 years old and writes to cope with mental health complications.

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