Issue 1,  Poetry

Buried by Monica Kagan

A jumble of artefacts
buried beneath the scarred earth
surround my desiccated form.
Amulets of clay
cracked and splintered
lie embedded in the ridges of my palm.

Shafts of air swirl,
as a dust-encrusted shovel
peels off a hundred centuries of dirt
from my lava-sculpted brow.
An orange orb of light
explores the rough architecture of my grave
illuminating my bony sockets
Sightless for a thousand years.

*Previously published in Fourth & Sycamore in October 2017


Monica Kagan lives by the sea in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her wonderful cat. She is a reader at FICTION on the WEB. She is also a contributing writer at Rhythm & Bones Literary Magazine on their blog #Necropolis. Her work appears in Fourth & Sycamore (USA), Bonnie’s Crew (UK), and at FICTION on the WEB (UK), among others. Twitter: @MonicaOFAH

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