Issue 3,  Poetry

A Land Girl Liaison by Juliette van der Molen

War torn world— stripped of men- stockings turned wool with
whipcord breeches— muddy brown brogues— rooted earth.
Your forest eyes fell me– tree at your feet. But
Land girls know their place.

Hands calloused— fields tilled by feminine strength. Still
lipstick stains your coffee cup. My thumb brushes
A wandering wish I don’t understand. But,
Land girls know their place.

Stolen moments behind a barn— under stars
shining watchful eyes, a voyeur unbidden.
Night flight risque raid, lips on lips bomb kisses—
Now I know my place.

Author’s note: The Women’s Land Army (WLA) was formed during World War I in Britain and Wales. When men went off to war, farmers sought out the help of this organization in order to plant crops, harvest, tend livestock and do the general farm work that would continue food production during the war years. Women left their homes to live and work on these farms. These women were referred to as ‘Land Girls’.

*Previously published in Poetry in Form in March 2018


Juliette van der Molen is a feminist writer and poet living in the Greater NYC area. She is a contributing editor for Mookychick Magazine. Her books include: Death Library: The Exquisite Corpse Collection (Moonchild Magazine, August 2018), Mother, May I? (Animal Heart Press, May 2019) and Anatomy of A Dress (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2019). Twitter via @j_vandermolen. Instagram via juliette.writes. Website:

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