Issue 3,  Poetry

21: Eris Bears A Daughter, Names Her Uncertainty by Madeleine Corley

Yes, I was caught born, stumbling, wasn’t meant
to gain the weight of my own feat, own toes
were pigeoned, tumbling off the edge in throws
toward what? to whom? & where again? The spent
change clattered rust onto the floor, sky bent 
like matches washed of phosphorus. If snow’s
might compass passed me hint of where it goes
to autumn, I would stop counting each dent. 

Does where I ran rank more important? Not
the strides I’d made between? Where’s hope when all
my color drains, my purpose crazed & set. 
My situation rests on stirrups hot 
with oil & wicks. Their eyes, they don’t recall
my candled soul: “She is one to forget.” 

Found Poem Source: McGuire, Seanan. Half-Off Ragnarok. DAW Books, Inc., 2014. pp. 293-305.


Madeleine Corley (she/her) is a poet by internal monologue and loves the color of melancholy. Her work has been featured in DARK MARROW, Moonchild Magazine, The Elixir Mag, and Anti-Heroin Chic. She currently serves as the Poetry Co-Editor for Barren Magazine. When she is not eating clementines by the Liffey, she is tweeting @madelinksi or posting on her website:

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